We believe food should be  100% organiceasy, delicious, 

sustainably sourced and respectful to you and to the environment

Natural Nutrition Activists 

We believe in the healing power of nature.

This was made clear twenty-five centuries ago when Hippocrates said "Health is the expression of a harmonious balance between various components of man's nature, the environnement and ways of life... nature is the physician of disease." 


We've teamed up with the the most exceptional nutritionists and naturopaths to design the best natural & optimum health recipes.


Organic, local and respectful of the environment 

We say no to pesticides, GMO, additives or products stored in fridges for weeks. 

Our organic farmers rigorously select their products to respect nature. 


We say no to plastic and emissions.

Our packagings are plastic-free, made from plants (cornstarch) and are therefore fully compostable. 


Raw & Fresh

Cold-pressed to minimize oxidation and maximize nutrition.

Prepared à la minute daily

No heat.  

No HPP.  

100% Organic 




Made from organic / non-GMO ingredients.

Free from animal-derived substances and ingredients.

Supporting local farmers and producers.

We do not use plastic. Never. 

What You Say About Us!

"I'm not so much into fruits so I decided to try Eathical and see if they could change my mind. It was actually delicious, the Fruity Nutty thing was amazing and the fruits were so fresh and tasty. Really good and healthy option for breakfast, highly recommended!"

Philippe L.

"Easy to use and tasty.

Plus very local, I like it"

Aude B.

"Excellent fresh breakfast, efficient delivery and lovely team!

I would recommend"

Lorraine C.



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