Our Commitments



Help you eat better, for real

We at Eathical take to heart to offer the best food. Only fresh products, without any added chemicals. Our meals and products are composed by food experts: you can be sure that you are eating what is the best for you. If we help you to have better food habits, to go on the path of an healthier life, we have reached one of our major goal.


Avoid damaging the Earth

We believe that a great business goes along with no impact on the planet. The current statements about our dear environment are appalling and Eathical does not want to worsen it. That's why we try our best to be supplied with 100% organic products, to use plant-based containers and deliver everything with 0-emissions transports. Basically we aim at being there for you without the planet to know we even exist :)


Be transparent!

At a time when it becomes harder and harder to know what is in our plates, Eathical commits to inform you on what it precisely in our products. Everything like the ingredients and the way it is prepared. We want you to know what you eat, even it is quite easy to remember: only good things!



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